We were able to sneak out a little gain in the overall TSX even as gold and oil continue to retreat.  Expecting much more of the same for the remaining of the week. Because of this many of the small resources aren’t performing all that great which is why there’s always the alternative small cap stocks like biotech, tech, and alternative energy companies.  So let’s see how the penny stock picks played out:

Yesterday’s Penny Stock Picks:
BXI.V – $1.97 – $1.95 (-1.02%)
WPX.TO – $0.49 – $0.465 (-5.10%)

Small Cap Stock picking for tomorrow:
WND.V - $1.79 – This penny stock was featured here on the site back in June and would have given you a 45% return so far and have some pretty solid news out.  A few snips from a news release.  I like it!
On December 4, 2009, Western Wind Energy became aware that Pacific Gas and Electric, one of the largest investor owned utilities in the United States, is seeking to purchase and complete, a 246-megawatt development wind project in Tehachapi, California, for US $900 Million. This public news release was posted at the PG&E’s (Pacific Gas and Electric) website on December 3rd, the night before.

In addition, on December 4th, 2009, Jeff Siegel, a prominent renewable energy analyst in the United States, appeared on the national television show Fox Business Network which is broadcast around the entire United States, stating that Western Wind Energy was his #1 choice in the wind energy sector.

SSS.V – $0.18 – This stock has been moving in the right direction as of late and will continue to be a stock to watch.  Since featured on the site this stock has risen 65%.

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