What a rocket of a day on the TSX with a strong 250+ point move higher.  Strongly showing that the Dubai fears are over and people are still investing their money out there.  Another interesting thing to note is that Australia raised their interest rates.  Interesting because of their similar economic base to Canada’s.  Although I don’t suspect the BoC will be doing any type of interest rate move until sometime mid-next year.

This being such a big gaining day I would expect a little profit taking tomorrow, so a softer opening but throughout the day you may see some additional buying pressure bringing us back up to even or higher.  From a technical point of view we’ve broken through the 11,600 level so new highs could continue to be made here.

Yesterday’s picks:
FWR.V – $0.76 – $0.80 (+5.26%)
EIL.V – $0.085 – $0.075 (-11.76%) – Profit taking from yesterday likely brought this guy down.

Tomorrow’s penny stock plays:
OGC.TO – $1.90
CMM.V – $0.26

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