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Entries for December, 2009

Canadian Penny Stock Picks of 2009

If you’re in the hunt for 100% gains then I hope you continue to follow along with the Canadian Penny Stocks blog in 2010.  Over the past 6 months we’ve covered a lot of ground and a lot of stock picks.  There have been big winners and big losers, but the commentary along proved to […]

Merry Christmas Penny Stock Pickers

The investment field can be pretty hectic day in and day out but it’s important to take time out and spend some quality time with families. Let this be the time of year where you can do that.  Then come back refreshed and ready to profit again from the penny stock market. The coming year […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Review

Another strong day on the stock market however it’s interesting to note, and I’ve posted the question on Twitter that with talks of Bernanke winding down the stimulus programs, it shows the strength of the US economy which will drive the strength in the US Dollar.  However, the US economy will likely be affected by […]

The Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

Looks like there is some interesting large cap news out in the past couple of days.  The announcement of the Google Phone is really interesting.  The most interesting part about it is the unlocked availability, making the phone more easily switchable between carriers.  A great idea in my opinion, however we’ll see if it catches […]

Canadian Penny Stock Week Preview

We’re about to begin another week of range trading here and we’re looking for some bigger profits from the penny stocks field because there’s always something moving in the penny stocks land.  So there’s a few ideas that we can throw out there and see what happens.  These picks aren’t ones that I’ve thoroughly researched […]

On Google Domestic Trends

Have you heard of Google Domestic Trends?  It’s a pretty cool tool offered by the Google Finance team.  The Google Domestic Trends tracks Google search results relating to specific sectors of the economy.  It’s currently only focused on the US market, however since they still remain Canada’s largest trading partner, it is still very useful […]

Week In Review…Penny Stock Style

Not a great trading week on the TSX, after the dust settled the index was off by about 100 points, although it dropped but much more midday on Wednesday.  I’m expecting much more of the same for the coming week.  Weakness in the financial sector given the talks from heads of state for further regulation […]

Thursday Penny Stocks Preview

We were able to sneak out a little gain in the overall TSX even as gold and oil continue to retreat.  Expecting much more of the same for the remaining of the week. Because of this many of the small resources aren’t performing all that great which is why there’s always the alternative small cap […]

Penny Stocks Preview For Wednesday

Lots of downward motion in the stock markets this week as the correction continues.  Expecting more easing in the gold and oil prices this week unless there is some bullish inventory reports out.  I was sent a tweet that I really agree with.  What do you think? Picks for Monday: AVI.V – $0.09 – $0.085 […]

Monday Penny Stock Preview

Another week of trading is about to get underway in less than 12 hours and the Asian markets are pointing downward as of the writing of this post.  Friday was a wildly volatile day.  We’re expecting weakness in commodities this weeks which may prove difficult for profits in the penny stock field, unless we can […]