Hello all penny stock players out there. This week the schedule is back on and we’ll try our best to find a few stocks that will be profitable. There are certainly some mixed signals about how the overall markets will react when they open on Monday. As I write this post Asia is trading up because of the Dubai World worry easing, meanwhile here in Canada we have a CN Rail strike going on. Then there’s Tiger Woods’ car accident (just kidding!).

What to watch tomorrow:
MAA.TO – $0.58 – Tomorrow is the last day of November so we’ll see what happens with their extended deal with Sinohydro. There will hopefully be news of this on Monday that will move this stock in one direction or another. But if it does turn out positive, even if you’re not in this stock for the run up it would still be good for the longer if the deal goes through.
AEI.TO – $0.55 – Steadily rising over the past 6 months.  Buys on pullbacks would have been good all the way up.  Perhaps worth seeing if this trend will continue.


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