Thanks for sticking with the Canadian Penny Stocks blog through the somewhat hectic and erratic posting schedule of recent weeks. Things should be clearing up over the weekend and should have daily stock picks back to normal next week. So the big news this week is the Dubai World crisis and this has been running away from speculative plays, the Canadian dollar, oil and gold. None of these factors bode well for Canadian penny stock investors. So let’s take a look at some of the picks from this past week.

GWG.V – $0.265 – Close $0.295 (+11.3%)
ELR.TO – $0.94 – Close $0.94
SKE.V – $0.17 – Close $0.14 (-17.65%)
IAE.V – $0.96 – Close $0.87 (-9.37%)
SGR.V – $3.83 – Close $3.79 (-1.04%)
PNP.TO – $2.01 – $2.02 (+0.5%)
TUO.V – $0.175 – $0.20 (+14.28%)
AZA.V – $0.06 – $0.055 (-8.33%)
UW.V – $1.45 – $1.44 (-0.6%)

So there was certainly some good news and bad over the week of picks. I’m still very long on GWG thinking that it will be a good long term investment. Not so sure about IAE.V and SKE.V though. I would not call these two stocks buys unless someone can point me to some information I’m missing.

Be sure to check back again to get more penny stock ideas before the trading week begins anew.

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