With a not too rosy GDP number the markets faltered but not as badly as one might have thought.  Especially in this crazy volatile market.  Our two stock picks to follow today didn’t go over so well.  Recently a reader emailed asking if I use technical or fundamental analysis.  I basically said that in general I use a combination of technical and fundamental for most trading plays.  I typically have a holding period of a couple months max so it typically fundamental price movements with technical entry points. Every investor is different though so that’s why you need to do your own due diligence based on your investment strategy.

Yesterday’s Stock Picks:
IAE.V – Open $0.96 – Close $0.93 (-3.12%)
SGR.V – Open $3.83 – Close $3.71 (-3.13%)

Tomorrow’s stock picks:
PNP.TO – $2.01
TUO.V – $0.175

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