Well hello everyone out there.  Today, as expected GWG had moved up nicely on their news release.  I don’t have any reservations holding on to this one for the long term at this point.  It’s clearly a company with a plan.  ELR hit the magic $1.00 price today which is good if it can maintain that as a support level.
Picks from the other day:
GWG.V – Open $0.265 – Close $0.30 (+13.21%)
ELR.TO – Open $0.94 – Close $1.00 (+6.38%)
SKE.V – Open $0.17 – Close $0.14 (-17.65%)

I’m sticking with GWG and ELR.  Not so sure about that SKE though with a drop like that but not on huge volume so not necessarily worried about that.  But how about two more picks for tomorrow:
IAE.V – $0.96 – Based on this news release (source)
SGR.V – $3.83 – Based on this news release (source)

Happy trading everyone.

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