With a day away from the office I thought it mist be time to post review of the picks from this week and have a few ideas for the coming week.  Unfortunately the posting schedule may continue to be erradict for this next week as well.  But into December we should be good to go.  What better way to celebrate Christmas than with all the profits from your investments for the year….alongside family and good cheer of course.

Penny stock picks from the week past:
KLA.V – $0.06 – $0.065 (+8.33%) – This one traded as high as $0.08 which would have been a nice profit taking opportunity or continue to hold for the big time.
UTS.TO – $2.13 – $2.03 (-4.69%) – Traded higher mid-week but has recently pulled back.  Very liquid stock for those interested in trading.
BXI.V – $2.08  – $1.97 (-5.2%) – Clearly in a down-trend after news released.  If this one drops below $1.92 then watch out below!  Otherwise will continue to be a good trade on news company.
RTE.V – $0.305 – $0.32 (+4.91%) – Likely to stay around these levels for sometime, but liquidity is still high.
SIO.V – $2.45  – $2.94 (20%) – The big winner is Sensio Tech this week.  When you’re a geek you can’t help but be interested in companies like this one.  I’m planning on buying the dips on this one.
AQL.TO – $0.82 – $0.79 (-3.65%) – Low volumes.  Haven’t had much of a chance to look more at this one.

What to watch next week in Penny Stocks
GWG.V – $0.265 – Check this out.  Resources up 123%! (source)
ELR.TO – $0.94 – Breaking through $1.00 should only be a good thing for this company.
SKE.V – $0.17 – Skeena Resources Limited is a mineral exploration-stage company. The Company has an option to acquire a 90% working interest in the advanced Malpica copper-gold project in Mexico; an option to acquire a 60% interest in the Tropico copper-platinum-palladium-gold project, also in Sinaloa State, Mexico; and an option to acquire 100% of the METS and Belle gold exploration properties in the Toodoggone District of north-central BC, an option to acquire a 100% interest in the past producing Anglo-Rouyn copper gold mine north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, and an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Anglo-Rouyn Tailings Recovery Project.

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