Hello everyone,  I rather pressing work engagement has been tying me up lately making these posts rather short and it seems as thought that is going to continue right up until the the end November.  My apologies for not having more in depth postings for the coming two weeks.  The picks should still be rolling in though.

Did you see Canadian Penny Stocks on BNN last night?  On Market Call last night I tweeted a question on MAA.  It was a little too speculative for the guest but he brought up an interesting play as one of his top picks, Sensio Technologies Inc. SIO.V

Yesterday’s Picks:
BXI.V – $2.08 – $2.01 (-3.37%)
RTE.V – $0.305 – $0.315 (+3.28%)

Penny stocks to watch tomorrow:
SIO.V – $2.45 – As mentioned above.  Sounds cool to me.  Will have to check it out a little more.
AQL.TO – $0.82 – Brian,  a Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader highlighted this one and it had a nice run up today over 20%.  A nice jump in volumes today as well.  Maybe not high enough to easily get in and out but if company fundamentals/plans are in place that’s ok.

Aeroquest International Limited is a Canadian company engaged in the development and operation of airborne geophysical surveying platforms servicing the mineral exploration, petroleum and environmental industries. It uses two separate delivery platforms, helicopter and fixed wing, and provide its clients with a range of geophysical measurement techniques, including magnetic, electromagnetic, gravimetric and radiometric surveys. Its geophysical survey technologies include both time-domain and frequency-domain electromagnetics (including its AeroTEM, time-domain, electromagnetic technology), gravity, magnetic and radiometric systems. It has operations in Canada, Australia and the United States. In October 2008, the Company announced the establishment of its multi-client survey business, Aeroquest Data Services Ltd. In September 2009, Aeroquest International Limited acquired Optimal Geomatics Inc.

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