Because blogging about personal finance is boring.  We can talk about RRSPs vs. TFSAs until the cows come home but it’s hard to care after a while.  It all just starts to repeat itself and the level of caring decreases after time.  The truth, however is that the majority of my investing dollars are invested in the “personal finance blogosphere” way.  In case you don’t subscribe to their mantra, it’s basically passive investing through index funds.  These are not very sexy.  But they do provide for the retirement planning purposes.  That doesn’t mean that I have to talk about the pros and cons everyday.

I do have a portfolio of small caps and penny stocks that I find far more interesting to research and take a more active approach to managing.  Buying and selling is a lot more frequent in this account.  It has seen it’s share of up swings up and down but what is more important is that it has kept me in the investing game.

I’m a stock market junkie.  It’s hard to get the full enjoyment out of following the stock market without being able to execute the trades.  It gets the adrenaline going.  If you’re in it for the excitement of trading then there is no better place than in penny stocks where you can see your stock rise 22% in a matter of a few minutes.

Don’t get me wrong about personal finance.  It’s important to have your finances under control and I enjoy reading the blogs, but I could never keep up fresh content on ways to cut your grocery bill in half.  Frankly, I like what I eat and don’t mind paying a little extra.  Ok, I’ve beaten up on the PF blogs enough for now.

My apologies if you are a personal finance blogger.  I do like reading you!

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