Painful day on the markets overall.  Gold and oil both coming off of the highs and the Canadian dollar also falling a bit.   Not so sure that this is a sustained pullback on the markets.  There hasn’t been enough bad news lately to warrant a large sell off so it might be a good time to be looking for deals.  The picks for today were good ones though.  Let’s take a look

Yesterday’s Penny Stock picks:
BXI.TO – Open $1.69 – Close $1.91 (+13.02%)
IAE.V – Open $0.86 – Close $0.88 (+

It’s always a great feeling to have to winners when the stock market is going in the opposite directions.  So how about tomorrow?
ELR.TO – $0.85 – A profitable company with earnings out!
CQE.TO – $3.32

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