What a whopper of a day with the TSX gaining over 2% fueled by record gold prices and oil higher too.  We’ll hope for this trend to continue on this week though I suspect there might be some profit taking tomorrow, it should remain a profitable week.  I’m under the impression that I missed out a bit on the MAA move last week as it’s currently sitting at $0.59.  If you’re following me on Twitter you could have got in at $0.53 although I didn’t take my own advice.  It’s still interesting at these levels for me though. Please do follow me on Twitter.

Yesterday’s Picks:
NRI.TO – Open $0.365 – Unchanged.  Mostly a down day.  $0.33-0.35 should be the base.

MTB.V – Open $0.14 – Close $0.15 (+7.14%).  This one did make it up to $.16 today.

The penny stocks to watch tomorrow:
ELR.TO – $0.83 – Earnings are due out on Thursday.  It will likely be a run up in price before the news.  One to watch for sure.
AGX.V – $0.09 – Over 5 million shares traded today.  Let’s see what’s up with this junior explorer.

PS: Perhaps now’s a good time to remind you;  please don’t interpret anything I say as financial advice.  Just sharing my opinions. Read the dislaimer and invest based on your investment advisor’s advice.

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