We’re ready for another week of trading penny stocks.  There’s signs that the bull run on the overall markets is continuing but at a weaker pace.  More news out this week will continue to drive traders with the US trade deficit numbers.  An interesting thing will be the market’s take on Obama’s healthcare plan successfully passing in the House.  I haven’t been as caught up in the details of that as I should have been so I’m not sure what ammendments were made before it was tabled.  So how about two penny stocks to watch tomorrow:

NRI.TO – $0.365 – They had approval of Pennsaid® Topical Solution which drove the price much higher on the release.  The price has been falling since that announcement.  It should be forming another base soon.

MTB.V – $0.14 – I haven’t determined whether or not this one is just being pumped to the bitter end or if there is more significance to the claims I’ve been reading.  Either way it’s time to do some more due diligence on MTB.V and determine whether it’s one to get in on at this level or wait for something even lower to happen.

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