Something that isn’t done enough on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is mentioning other blogs that I read on a regular basis.  They certainly are not about penny stocks and some aren’t even about investing but there are a ton of blogs in my RSS reader so I’ll start sharing them with you here.

Intelligent Speculator – – Has great trading ideas that mostly related to American Large Caps but there is a lot of material there to learn about trading approaches and really researching companies from a technical and fundamental perspective.

Zen Trader – – One of the more recent additions to my RSS reader but I have been enjoying their technical analysis of the markets.  Posts are usually accompanied by a chart and some commentary.

Four Pillars – – A long time read of mine that is all about Canadian Personal Finance.  The topics covered a varied but all come back to personal finance in some way.  My favourite are Mr Cheap’s series of Wacky Business Ideas (like the “Economy Condo idea“).

Art Of Manliness – – Nothing to do with penny stocks or investing at all.  This is a great read for those interested in a life of chivalry and gentlemanliness. Real men read the Art of Manliness…although I know many women that do too! How do you stack up in their Laws of Etiquette.

Why No Penny Stocks blog?
Not because I’m trying to keep the competition down, far from it.  I believe the more information we can share amongst a community the better off we’ll all be.  I just haven’t quite found another Canadian Penny Stocks blog that I read daily.  If you know of any please feel free to let me know.

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