Gold at 1100?  No problem.  It’s only a stones throw away and has bumped up against it a couple of times.  In the overall stock market I still see strong support for the levels we see today.  But the big money is still being made in penny stocks.  One the readers of the Canadian Penny Stocks blog came up big time with HUD.V rising 24% today!

Yesterday’s Penny Stock Picks:
HUD.V – $0.54 – $0.67 (+24.07%)
AA.V – $0.38 – $0.39 (+2.63%)

Penny Stocks to watch tomorrow:
DM.TO – $1.62 – Huge run today but confirms results of precious metals.  A strong buy.

NRI.TO – $0.42 – Good news.  This was initially featured a while back here but was hurting for a while.  Now is back in action.


I’ve recently had some emails about starting up a Canadian Penny Stocks community site as a companion site to the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  If you would participate in that leave a comment to show your support.


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