We all love to load up on stocks that are going up and up and up.  Watching that profit continue to rise in your balance sheet, making that luxury yacht purchase that much closer.  But sometimes we see red.  It happens to literally everyone and sometimes we let things go further than they should.  This is bad as investor should always have an exit strategy before we even enter a position.  Here are a few penny stock picks that were mentioned on the site that if you haven’t dumped already maybe you should consider:

CGK.V – $0.04 – This stock has been range trading between 0.03 and 0.05 for months now and is anticipating a 25 to 1 stock consolidation.  Although this may gain the eye of some additional investors I can’t see this as spurring on a rally with the company.

GLC.V – $0.13 – After the stock consolidation it ran through it’s done not much else but go down.  They might have a longer term business case warranting profit but not one I’m willing to wait on.

AOT.V – $0.36 – After releasing drilling results the stock went crazy but has since fallen back to its normal trading levels.  This penny stock might be worth looking at again in the future but for now given the volumes and the trend, there are better places that your investing money can be placed.

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