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Entries for November, 2009

Tuesday’s Penny Stock Preview

Well it looks like it might be time to bail on MAA.TO!  They announced the end of the exclusivity agreement with Sinohydro and no good deal on hand.  It’s interesting to note that apparently many Chinese companies are being accused of basically getting to know the inner workings of many companies then not investing but […]

An Update On MagIndustries Corp

For those of you following the MagIndustries story, they have provided an update today basically saying that they have ended their exclusivity contract with Sinohydro.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but does mean that there will likely be a much longer time before we see a deal done.  Not quite the quick pop we […]

Penny Stock Picks In Preview

Hello all penny stock players out there. This week the schedule is back on and we’ll try our best to find a few stocks that will be profitable. There are certainly some mixed signals about how the overall markets will react when they open on Monday. As I write this post Asia is trading up […]

Penny Stock Picks Week Ender

Thanks for sticking with the Canadian Penny Stocks blog through the somewhat hectic and erratic posting schedule of recent weeks. Things should be clearing up over the weekend and should have daily stock picks back to normal next week. So the big news this week is the Dubai World crisis and this has been running […]

Thursday Stock Preview

Two nicely profitable picks today! Check them out. PNP.TO – $2.01 – 2.16 (+7.46%) TUO.V – $0.175 – $0.190 (+8.57%) For Tomorrow: AZA.V – $0.06 UW.V – $1.45 Technorati Tags: canadian penny stocks, canadian stocks blog, penny stock picks

Wednesday Penny Stocks Preview

With a not too rosy GDP number the markets faltered but not as badly as one might have thought.  Especially in this crazy volatile market.  Our two stock picks to follow today didn’t go over so well.  Recently a reader emailed asking if I use technical or fundamental analysis.  I basically said that in general […]

Tuesday Penny Stocks Preview

Well hello everyone out there.  Today, as expected GWG had moved up nicely on their news release.  I don’t have any reservations holding on to this one for the long term at this point.  It’s clearly a company with a plan.  ELR hit the magic $1.00 price today which is good if it can maintain […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Review

With a day away from the office I thought it mist be time to post review of the picks from this week and have a few ideas for the coming week.  Unfortunately the posting schedule may continue to be erradict for this next week as well.  But into December we should be good to go.  […]

Penny Stock Picks Preview For Wednesday

Hello everyone,  I rather pressing work engagement has been tying me up lately making these posts rather short and it seems as thought that is going to continue right up until the the end November.  My apologies for not having more in depth postings for the coming two weeks.  The picks should still be rolling […]

Penny Stock Preview Tuesday Edition

What a great day to profit from the markets today.  We’ll again make it a quick pick type of day today. Yesterday’s Penny Stock Picks: KLA.V – $0.06 – Unchanged UTS.TO – Open $2.13 – Close $2.17 (+1.88%) What to watch tomorrow: BXI.V – $2.08 – Released its Q3 results today.  Check them out here […]