Another big drop in the stock markets today.  Lots of bearish news to digest with a big decline in the energy sector.  There is certainly a correction in place right now in the overall markets and that’s taking everyone along for the ride while analysts try to get a grip on what the market is valuing companies at after the correction. There are three stocks that will be covered today.  But first…

ATC.V – Open $0.92 – Close $0.81 (-13.83%)

GAP.V – Open $0.225 – Close $0.21 (-6.67%)

Stocks under discussion for tomorrow:

OPC.TO – $2.16 – This is a wildly volatile stock.  Within the past year it has gone from 3.69 to 0.65 to 4.01 down to close of 2.16 today.  This stock always seems to have huge volumes that is sometimes unwarranted, but today’s sell off on the news of profit was another indication that this one is likely on the downward slope for some time.  The reason it was hurt so badly was of the news that the Long Lake project is going to be delayed.  Although I would suspect this stock to continue to be hurt, it is still very tradeable for the short-term traders out there.

MAA.TO – $0.59 – They are pushing the deadline right to the limit as the end of October is nearing.  There was a small run up in the stock last week in anticipation of the news being broke, but as the days pass on people seem to be pulling their investment out before the release of the news.  Will the deal go through?  It’s still possible, although, for what it’s worth, my position has been liquidated today, still a profitable deal from when I entered but not where it could have been.  All the best to those who hang in there on this one.  I’m going to keep on watching that’s for sure and it is a good company in the long run so re-evaluation will be required post-deadline.

ISD.V – $0.40 – This stock could see the volatility explode and hopefully the stock price along with it.  Take profits often and trade the way up.  It’s yet to be seen how much or how fast this one will rise and given the current climate but it’s certainly the right time to begin looking at ISD.V

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