Another down day on the stock markets, although that might change tomorrow with more up-beat economic reports than expected. But hey, maybe not, the trend is strongly downward so maybe the technicals will beat out the fundamentals.  The stock picks continue to feel the pain but there are still some deals to be had.   First we’ll take the pain from yesterday’s picks:

MTB.V – $0.175 – Close $0.17 (-2.86%)
AUX.V – $0.065 – Unchanged
YNG.TO – $0.27 – $0.275 (+1.85%)

Tomorrow picks:
ATC.V – $0.92 – Maybe not a buy just yet.  In fact it looks like if you haven’t taken profit on this one, taking it now might be a good idea.  The trend is heading downward.

GAP.V $0.225 – Great news that gapped open then sold off to a close lower than the previous day.  This stock will likely follow similar patterns with future news releases as well.

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