More up and in the markets with a lot of sideways movements overall.  Oil is up over $80 and gold has been holding around $1060.  We continue to wait on news from MagIndustries about their Synohydro deal to push this stock higher.  Many people believe this deal with go through.  Interesting enough the postash industry basically controlled by POT.TO reported an 80% decline in profits this quarter and revise its forecast downward.  This news doesn’t help other potash plays but in this case (MAA) we should still be able to make some money on the China deal going through.

Wednesday’s stocks to watch:
FWR.V – $0.50 – Close $0.52
SXN.V – $0.10 – Close $0.10

Canadian Penny Stocks List To Watch tomorrow:
YNG.TO – $0.315 – It’s not too late to load up on this one.  They’ve started mining again at Jerritt Canyon.

ELR.TO – $0.75