It was another yo yo day on the stock market.  But one thing that was decided down was the Canadian dollar get hammered nearly 2 cents on the Bank of Canada statement issued today that effectively keeps interests rates where they are for the foreseeable future.  But in finding the best penny stock picks in Canada we’re looking more towards companies that are focused on commodities and there was weakness in this area today as well so not many performed as good as hoped.  Let’s see how yesterday’s picks stacked up.

ML.TO – Open $2.86 – Close $2.77 (-3.15%)
MTB.V – Open $.305 – Close $0.29 (-5.6%)

We clearly didn’t pick the best stock for today’s performance.  For penny stocks to watch tomorrow we turn to suggestions from a Canadian Penny Stocks reader Tasamy who has suggested FWR and SXN.

FWR.V – $0.50 – Continues to receive positive drilling results.  Has run up in the past month but may be forming a base and lifting to new highs if they keep bringing the good stuff.
SXN.V – $0.10 – Appears to be a very tradeable stock that can be bought on dips and sold on highs if you can get your orders filled.  Otherwise a cheap stock that could double in price.

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