Another up day on the markets with continued strength in the CAD, gold and oil.  Oil is now the one to watch as it’s breaking news highs and this could mean another technical run up to the next level.  Another interesting number to watch will be the S&P 500 as it closed the day at $1097.91 which is approaching the very technically significant level of 1121 which is the 50% retracement level between the high and the low of this bear market.  If you google S&P 1121 you’ll see what I”m talking about.

As for yesterday’s picks:
BRG.V – $0.02 – Unchanged.  I suspect this to drop but do some research to see if it interests you in the longer term.

IAE.V – Open $0.90 – Close $0.89 (-1.1%)

What to watch tomorrow
ML.TO – $2.86 – Has announced a friendly acquisition of Stingray and share prices had risen on the news but have since fallen back almost to pre-news levels so if you’re not in on this one it could be a solid producer.

MTB.V – $0.305 – Has been moving again and gaining ground.  I continue to watch but others continue to profit.

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