Hope the weekend was a great one for all you investors.  After writing one the CSI exams on Friday I was ready to take a day or two off to think about things non-stock related but couldn’t help but go check out Capitalism: A Love Story.  Entertaining movie but as with most of those Moore movies they have a lot of personal story and little factual info.

But let’s talk about this coming week.  Asia is starting down and Dow futures are pointing lower as well.  From a technical perspective it looks like there’s still an uptrend in the market so we’ll see what wins out.  So how about penny stocks?  What stocks should we be looking at tomorrow?

BRG.V – $0.02 – Very high risk but the ultimate in penny stock rewards if you buy at $0.01 and sell at $0.05 or more.

IAE.V – $0.90 – A reader recommended pick.  This stock could be breaking through 52 week highs and looks like it might be able to with positive moving averages and are reporting profits.

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