A bit of a mixed performance today on the stock market, but the earnings from Google handily beat the street which was good to see for those large cap investors.  But we’re interested in profiting from Canadian Penny Stocks.  And yesterday’s picks would have made you big money!  Tomorrow I would expect a down day on the overall market with financials leading the way down so it might be tough to find winners for tomorrow so we’ll take a look at some companies that have been mentioned on the blog before.

Yesterday’s picks:
YNG.TO – Open $0.205 – Close $0.26 (+26%!!)
GLC.V – Open $0.15 – Close $0.18 (+20%)

What to watch tomorrow:
BXI.V – $1.64 – It may continue to fall by as much as 10 cents, but there’s unlimited upside to this one versus the downside risk with several support levels along the way.  The risk/reward on this one makes it one to watch.
GWG.V – $0.30 – Took a big drop today on news of warrants.  More news on that here.  It is dilutive but only exercizable at $0.70 within 5 years.   This is a long term hold and pull backs like this are great to get in on a positive Rare Earth Element play.

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