Another crazy bull day on the stock market and the Canadian dollar screaming towards parity once again.  Oil is commodity running its way up today.  The biggest news is south of the border though with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 10,000 today which is an important psychological level.  There are rumours of up to $2 trillion in uninvested money out there and with this level broken more people may decide it’s time to invest again and could trigger and even longer bull run.  This is to be seen though, and will only be a factor if the cross over 10,000 is sustained.

Yesterday’s Picks:
UNE.V – Open $0.13 – Close $0.125 (-3.85%)
MAA.V – Open $0.60 – Close $0.62 (+3.33%)

What To Look At Tomorrow:
YNG.TO – $0.205 – If this breaks $0.22 there’s loads of potential
GLC.V – $0.15 – This has been a dog of a pick here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog, but they recently announced an acquisition so they are still able to make deals.  Interesting to look at in more detail.

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