Those gold bugs must be multiplying because again today gold is hitting highs.  Great for all those junior mining companies looking to get financed for their operations!  Yesterday we had three picks for today all provided by a generous Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader and commenter.

CMM.V – Open $0.185 – Close – $0.19 (+2.7%)

OGC.TO – Open $1.09 – Close – $1.14 (+4.6%)

IIE.V – Open $0.13 – Close – $0.135 (+3.85)

Three winners!

What to watch tomorrow:

UNE.V – $0.13  – A stock that hass previously been mentioned on the blog but hasn’t really been a performer.  Today is had huge volumes and shot up in price 44% with no news that I’ve been able to dig up yet.  This could mean news coming though.  More research required on this one, but we could see and even bigger spike to come if true.

MAA.V – $0.60 – This stock has been featured on the site before in a company profile and is working on a Chinese deal that needs to come to agreement by the end of October.  With the level of buying today and with little news yet being reported I will only take this as a good sign that people think the deal is getting done.  This should see the stock rise even further in the near future.

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