With stomach’s full and turkey sandwich’s made for the rest of the week it’s time to get back to investing and trading our way to riches.  Even though today’s markets are closed in Toronto, they are open south of the border and the Dow Jones hit new intraday high of the year in morning trading.  Although finishing weak.  Tomorrow should show a similar move with the TSX especially given the strong performance of the Canadian dollar.  the CAD/USD is trading over $0.96 and making its run towards parity which many analysts are expecting.  Gold is up again and pushing $1060 which furthers the stability of the metal above $1000.

Tomorrow we’re bringing you three stock to watch courtesy of a Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader.  If you have some suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to make sure they get covered.

CMM.V – $0.185 – Recently had a breathe of life from a private investor to the tune of $20 million. This should provide them with additional cash to restart operation in the Quebec property.    There are supports at $0.165 and $0.15 so this is likely a good entry point too.  One to watch.

OGC.TO – $1.09 – A gold play that has been trading in a range lately between $0.95 and $1.05 but has broken out to the high side and with the strong gold prices continuing this should keep this prices going upward.

IIE.TO – $0.13 – This wouldn’t be a long term hold as it has continually been on nothing but a downward trend.  If this falls below $0.10 there isn’t much hope left, but if they release some positive news we could see it run up to $0.20 easily.

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