Another wild day on the markets.  It’s cool to see ATC.V up another 15% today and pushing us towards a 300% return!  A few other notables are UUU.TO up 16% today, NOT.V up 16%, and yes even yesterday pick LTH up 12%.   The interesting one to watch going forward will be Uranium One (UUU.TO) since it’s usually a stock that garners a lot of interest and high volumes and many analyst rating this as a buy.  From a technical perspective it’s broken through most resistance and could be one its way to $4.

Yesterday’s stock picks:
CQE.TO – Open $4.00 – Close $3.99 (-0.25%)
LTH.V – Open $0.12 – Close $0.135 (+12.5%)

What to watch tomorrow:
UUU.TO – $3.12
PRZ.V – $0.065

The Best Penny Stocks Of The Day:
Based on the globeinvestor’s biggest gainers on the TSXV today would be Golden Cariboo Resources GCC.V with a 116% gain.

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