A very strong showing on the TSX today with gold being pushed to new highs which drove a lot of picks higher.  But sadly not the picks we talked about yesterday.  Although with MTB that is somewhat expected.  As mentioned in the comments section from yesterday’s post:

If you look at the 1 month chart there is a support/resistance line at around $0.20, and if we stay above there for a couple of days then it should be a buying opportunity, however if we move through it the next support level will be around $0.13. Take the wait and see approach with this as you don’t want to be cut by the falling knife…just pick it up off the floor when it hits.

Yesterday’s Picks:
MTB.V – Open $0.26 – Close $0.25 (-3.85%)
GAP.V – Open $0.26 – Close $0.26

What To WatchTomorrow:
CQE.TO – $4.00 – Although might not even be considered a penny stock any more we did mention this one previous and is already sitting on a 130% gain since initially featured, some analysts have this stock at a $8.00 target which would indicate that it isn’t too late to get in on this one.

LTH.V – $0.12 – Watch the low volumes on this one though.

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