You want to make money trading penny stocks.  So do I.  Let’s do this together.  I’m compiling a list of emails from interested people that want to take advantage of the huge profit potentials from Canadian penny stocks.

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On the right hand side of the website there’s a form to put in your email address.  This will bring the Canadian Penny Stocks blog to your email inbox every time we make a post.

But wait….if you decide to put your name down for the Canadian Penny Stocks Blog via Email you will also receive extra stock tips  that won’t appear on the site.  Since this blog focuses on specifically on the Canadian markets we don’t like to mention any stocks trading in the States which you might also like to take advantage of.  It might also be a large cap stock pick trading on the TSX.  Any way you slice it, more bang for your buck!

I hope that you are reading and enjoying the stock picks but lately there’s been more picks than strategies.  This is because there’s an upcoming e-book that will be giving a great background on the investing marketplace.  It’s not just for penny stocks.  It’s sound advice that goes back to basics with different ways to make simple money.  Once this is ready to ship it will be sent out to the email list before being published on the site.  Another great reason to get the penny stock picks to your inbox!

How You Can Help The Blog

The greatest way to help out the blog will always be to promote any of the posts that you’ve profited from.  You can do this by posting a link from your blog, twitter account, or social bookmarking site.

If you have more to say you can participate in this blog by becoming a guest author.  Feel free to contact the blog with any investing advice or specific Canadian stock pick ideas.  You’ll get the credit for the post with link back to your site (if applicable).  You’ll be getting your word out to thousands of other investors out there making money through small cap investing.

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