What a wild ride on the TSX today.  Down, up, down and flat after all of it.  It seems to be like the bears are trying to take over but the bulls seem to fight back everyday.  It’s interesting to note given the GDP numbers for July weren’t all that great. So let’s look at the yesterday’s pick and two other stock ideas.

Yesterday’s stock:
CGK.V – $0.045 – No change.  Much like the overall stock market, Gold Hawk went up and down but settled at par for the day.  This is one to watch and see if their operation will start up again.

What to look for tomorrow:
AIX.V – $0.09 – This stock was on the move today.  It might pull back tomorrow or continue higher.  This is a new one to myself so I haven’t had enough time to dig deeper into the future for it.
EZ.V – $0.09 – Loads of volume.  52wk high of $0.16.  If it breaks resistance at $0.10 it should make another run upwards to that high again.  Again, this is new to the blog as well so not sure about the fundamentals.

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