We killed it with Atac Resources Ltd.!  The initial feature stock pick was mentioned in June at $0.30 and they just received great drilling results and has the stock sitting at $0.81.  For those of you playing at home that’s a 170% return. Returns like this are the reason that people keep coming back to penny stock for investing because over the short term the returns can’t be beat.

What to look at tomorrow:
CGK.V – $0.045 – We were featuring this stock a while back on the blog but it wasn’t making any moves over the summer in starting up its Coricancha mines but there has been some approval bringing them closer to restarting (press release).  Continuing to monitor this but once approved, we could hit a double to $0.09 and a 100% return isn’t that bad.  Don’t expect it to happen overnight though.

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