The overall markets headed down this past week, which was necessary and I suspect we can see more of the selling pressure this coming week unless some of the economic indicators being reported give some really good news to prop the market up again.  With gold trading below $1000 again this might put the psychological barrier back at $1000 again unless it powers forward early next week.  With all this bearish talk can we make any money?  Of course in money in penny stocks happens all the time.  Let’s review all picks of the past week and what they closed at the end of the week

AOT.V – $0.95 – Close $0.68.  Big drop but good results, so keep this on your watchlist.  If it continues to trade on news like this you should be make to profit from the cycle.

NOT.V – $1.84 – Close $1.80.

BXI.V – $1.32 – Close $1.42.  Closing in on 100% from the inital feature price.  It’s not too late though, this could go to $2.75

ATC.V – $0.62 – Close $0.74.  Continues to rock! 146% gain since first mention!

MAA.TSE – $0.60 – Close $0.59.  Once we hear the news about the China deal we either load up or sell and cut the losses.

CQE.TO – $3.98 – Close $4.02.  Great company with great management.  This could be a long term hold.

So the picks were 3 losers and 3 winners.  The important thing to remember is to know when to cut your losses and knowing when to let your winners run.  Another exciting week on the markets will surely be ahead.  All the best with your Canadian stock picks too.  Any questions or ideas for the penny stocks blog, leave a comment.

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