The Canadian Penny Stocks blog was bang on in yesterday’s post.  The selloff of the general market continued and we had two positive stock picks.  Friday’s outlook will likely be flat and have low volumes so I’m not expecting big moves in either direction tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Picks:

BXI.V – Open $1.32 – Close $1.40 (+6.06%)
ATC.V – Open $0.62 – Close $0.70 (+12.90%)  And ATC.V was originally featured at $0.30 which means we’re at a 133% gain!

What to look for tomorrow:
More of what has been featured before with MAA.V and CQE.TO.   Well technically speaking CQE used to be Sabertooth (SAB.TO) so we featured it as SAB but featured again they are.  A couple of news items are posted over at the Canadian Penny Stocks News site.

MAA.V – $0.60
CQE.TO – $3.98

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