Today had the Fed holding steady on interest rates which was probably the worst kept secret on the market. After the release of the news the markets broke upward but quickly corrected and ended in negative territory. I suspect that the sell off will continue tomorrow. Hopefully we can keep the trading above 11,400, otherwise we might be seeing a selloff down to 11,000.

Yesterday’s Picks:
AOT.V – Open $0.95 – Close $0.71 (-25%) – Yikes! Well clearly the news was overbought and profit taking was abound today. This will take a while to shake out a new stable price.
NOT.V – Open $1.84 – Close $1.89 (+2.8%)

Tomorrow’s Canadian Stock Pick:
BXI.V – $1.32 – Originally featured here on the stock blog as a pick at $0.87 we’re up over 50% gain already.

ATC.V – $0.62 – Continues to deliver.  Possible takeover soon?

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