We took the good with the bad today with the picks from yesterday.  The overall index is still strong and it looks like gold is still hanging its head above 1000.  This is good news for the resource heavy Canadian stock markets that we like following here on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  Looking for another strong day tomorrow. But I’ve only got one pick for you tomorrow.  It’s kind of a longer term play but we could see big things from it if a deal goes through.

Yesterday’s Picks:
GWG.V – Open $0.29 – Close $0.28 (-5.00%)
ATC.V – Open $0.49 – Close $0.52 (+5.05%) (closing in on a 100% gain from when we featured it back in June!!!)

Tomorrow’s Pick:
MAA.V – $0.63
This one has a potentially big deal waiting in the wings and if it goes will see this stock rise up to $2.00 without a problem.  It can easily go to $0.70 within the next two weeks and a 10% isn’t even all that bad for a quick trade.  It might settle a bit from today’s activity, but not too much.

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