A good day on the markets overall.  The rally roars on through the midpoint of September.  It’s great for those with money invested in the market, but for those on the sidelines is it a good idea to buy in?  In the large caps perhaps but there’s always big movers in penny stocks.  With research and site like www.canadianpennystocks.ca you’ll be able to uncover stocks that you might otherwise overlook. So what did yesterday’s stocks look like?  Not bad not bad.

Yesterday Picks:
ESO.V – Open & Close $0.05  (0.00%)

HGC.V – Open: $0.47   Close: $0.50 (6.38%)

To look at tomorrow:
GWG.V – $0.29
ATC.V – $0.49

More stock market fun tomorrow.  All the best in trading tomorrow.

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