Welcome to the Tuesday preview edition of the Penny Stock Preview.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper penny stock picking program and it’s long overdue!  So with the summer rally extending well into September we’ve brought back levels in the TSX not seen since last fall before the big blowout.  The interesting part now comes from the long term technical perspective as to whether we can form a base at this level or this is the peak in the W recovery that many have been talking about.  Realistically speaking this would be a logical technical peak in a W recovery although I’m not a believer in a protracted recovery as the W believers are.  There’s too much good news in the air right now.

For tomorrow:
ESO.V – $0.05

HGC.V – $0.47 (although I’d only be buying on dips in this one, but keep an eye out!)

There you have it!  Tomorrow should be back with a recap and another preview.  It might be a late one though as the lady and I will be watching the Big Brother finale.  Please don’t judge.  Let’s just make money and have fun together!  Cheers.

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