Hope everryone was able to get out to see some fireworks, enjoy some sunshine and maybe a fine wine, or a nice beer.  It was a great couple of days to get away from the internet for a bit.  I hope that you enjoyed the video interlude while we were gone.

Let’s get back to making money.  It looks like the markets have gold fairly value and oil undervalued.  So this should focus our attention to the drilling companies instead of the mines this week.  But I’m also interested in SSS.V that should have some news coming up soon.  They announced the early exercising of warrants which I would suspect to be a good thing.  Currently trading at $0.17 so the news could be priced in and will sell off at the release of the news.  But after that sell off I would try to pick up the dip and play the next cycle.  This is a positive company that I’ve featured here before

Another company to look at is Bio-Extraction Inc. (BXI.V) who have had an impressive run up in the past 3-months and the volumes to back it up too.  I also liked the news release stating that Officers options won’t vest until its first batch of protein isolates are shipped.  This really creates incentive for management to deliver the goods, literally and figuratively.  Currently trading at $0.87

To recap, for tomorrow I’m looking at:
SSS.V – $0.17
BXI.V – $0.87

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