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The Back In Action Penny Stock Preview

After a health break we’re back to making money.  Not 100% yet so we may not be offering the daily stock picks just yet, but there’s still some money to be made in Canadian Penny Stocks and hopefully we all can fast! Today we’re going to look at the winners picked here at the Canadian […]

Check Out Twitter

Hi everyone.  It’s been a busy time here, fortunately the markets are making money for those active in it.  As a result of the business though I haven’t had time to discuss stocks here.  I’m still using Twitter while I can and have a stock pick up on Twitter. Follow Canadian Penny Stocks on Twitter.

Canadian Stocks Preview

The stocks to look out for on Friday were GLE.A-V and UUU-TO.  GLE.A-V made a full cent move upwards to $0.025 on good volumes.  UUU traded down to $2.69.  It’s without question a volatile stock, but following that one could lead to some decent profits. What’s on the go for tomorrow’s trading day?  Might have […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Friday Preview

Hey everyone.  I hope it was a profitable day for all. Gallic Energy (GLE.A-V) has released information about their AGM and the proposal of 20-to-1 stock consolidation.  I don’t really care for this as it sounds like they’re doing this to allow for further stock offerings in the future.  So if you’re not in this […]

Triple Buy Or Triple Sell?

Lots of downward pressure going on with possibly more to go.  If you have cash, I’d hold on a little more.  It might be a good time to look at that portfolio of yours to see if the stocks you’ve purchased are still holding up to the reasons that you bought them for.  If so, […]

Fastest Picks Ever

WPX.V – $0.45 NRI.TO – $0.37 Technorati Tags: canadian penny stocks, Investing, Stock Picks, Trading

Monday Penny Stock Preview

Hope everryone was able to get out to see some fireworks, enjoy some sunshine and maybe a fine wine, or a nice beer.  It was a great couple of days to get away from the internet for a bit.  I hope that you enjoyed the video interlude while we were gone. Let’s get back to […]


I’d like to focus your attention on to a new site about Canadian Penny Stock News.  This is a great new site that will allow anyone to add, review, and vote on news related to investing and company information that will benefit everyone in the investing community. Even if you’re so inclined, you can submit […]

The Trading Journal Do’s and Don’ts

Every time I ask Norman Hallett from to “give us more” on a previous topic he’s previously covered, he always delivers. What do I mean? Well, about a month ago Norman wrote a post discussing “Measuring your Trading Experience” and within the article he touched on an important part of many successful trader’s daily […]

John Bogle On Expectations Of Returns

Here’s part two of Morningstar’s interview with John Bogle.  During this section he discusses the returns of the market.  It’s interesting that overall markets returns can be substantially lower than small caps moving their way.  For safe returns ETFs are fine, but for explosive growth, it’s hard not to look at small caps. Technorati Tags: […]