The futures weren’t wrong today with the TSX taking a big dive today. Tomorrow will be an interesting day to watch how markets react. If there’s another down day on the stock markets, it could be establishing a trend that could be taking us downwards to sub 10,000 levels. We do have a crossover of the 50-day to the 200-day moving average which should mean the establishment of a long term up trend. Interesting to note the difference between these two outlooks.

Picks for today:
UW.V – Open $2.20 – Close $2.07 (-5.91%)
HGC.V – Open $0.39 – Close $0.36 (-7.69%)
Today’s performers weren’t great but I do feel that UW.V is just pulling back and may be creating another buying opportunity. After all it has still risen by 46% since original feature on the blog.

What I’m looking at tomorrow:
UUU.TO – $2.94 – Looks like the Kazakhstan craziness has subsided or is starting to, which could move this higher
MAA.V – $0.69 – Signed MOU with Chinese firm. Big news to keep this stock going.

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