Yesterday’s picks had some pain today, but I do expect them to be solid plays in the longer term.  The TSX got hit downward today on gold and oil.  Gold dropped significantly and I’ll be looking more closely at analysing spot gold prices technically over the weekend.

Another feature to look forward to here at the Canadian Penny Stocks Blog is the addition of occasional company profiles of some of the stock picks.  5 days a week this blog brings you 2 stocks that I’ll watching to see if they are buys.  Usually this is just a ticker symbol, a price and occasionally a blurb about why there is price movement with the particular stock.  It’s never a good idea to base your investment decision on something like that alone.  Your due diligence is essential, so I’ll be offering a brief overview of companies that I have mentioned at some point so that can help as a starting point for your investigation.

Yesterday’s Picks:
ML.TO – $2.07 – $1.97 (-7.73%)
SAB.TO – $1.75  – $1.68 (-4.00%)

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