Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong.  Yesterday I called OPC to headed down but is good for a move up soon.  Looks like that didn’t take long!  It was a strong mover upwards, while PRZ stayed flat with not a lot of volume.  In an upcoming post (I expect weekend) I’m going to be talking about investing in penny stocks for beginners.  There are a lot of dangers and pitfalls that can wipe out an investment and sometimes our eagerness for profit makes us overlook these fundamentals.

I’ll also be discussing why starting to trade in a Tax Free Saving Acccount (TFSA) is an ideal way for beginners to start and continue investing and could allow you to retire sooner and allow you to live the lifestyle you’re seeking.  Stay tuned!

Yesterday’s Picks:
PRZ.V – $0.12 – $0.12 (0.00%)
OPC.TO – $2.89  – $3.37 (+16.61%)

What I’m watching tomorrow:
WND.X – $1.23
NGG.X – $0.19

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