Hey everyone,

This posting is a little later than expected tonight as I was out with the lady friend watching “the Hangover” and it turned out to be a pretty funny one.  Just about as funny as that biotech stock pick from yesterday.  Still a winning day though.

I’ve also recently been dabbling with day trading HNU (Natural Gas) based only on technical analysis.  If you’ve been reading up on technical analysis like I have, and are studying charts and testing things out I seriously think that you should put up some money and trade live.  I’ve learnt so much from doing that than paper trading.  Put your butt on the line and if you succeed then you’ve made a profit.  If not, then consider it your trading tuition, but be sure you know why you lost money otherwise if you wanted to give money freely to the market you might as well just send it to me

Yesterday’s Picks:
ATC.V – $0.30 – $0.35 (+16.67%)
IXS.V – $0.12  – $0.105 (-12.50)

What I’m watching tomorrow:
PRZ.V – $0.12 – This stock is up 84% since it was originally featured on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  It could continue it’s move higher.
OPC.TO – $2.89 – I suspect this stock is going down tomorrow, but I would like to have this on my radar sooner than later.   Fell 6% today and it may continue by a similar percentage tomorrow.  But once a support level forms it will bounce back.  This is also the most expensive stock featured here so it may not be as interesting to all investors since the $/point isn’t as great as the sub $1 stocks.

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