I’ve really been bullish on Gold Hawk lately as you may have noticed, but it seems I’m not the only one as the president has recently purchased an additional 2.3 million shares.  So this, coupled with positive news and futures pointing higher, it could make for an interesting week.  After this post I won’t mention it again!

I’m also going to have my eye on HKO.V and if there’s market interest in the stock I’m may get in on it as it’s a $0.02 stock which has some drilling reports due out in the near future.

And if you’re interested in a gamble take a look at UUU.TO which got pummeled by scandal news but has somewhat recovered.  Some money might be able to be made on the way back up.  I’m going to leave this on my watchlist but am not likely to take a position in it

So to recep what I’m looking at tomorrow

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