Whooooa Nelly!  Pretty positive day on the markets.  I’m especially pleased with the performance of picks with SSS.V up a cool 32%.  I noticed something the other day though.  When I came across ELR.TO as a stock on the move I took a look and the chart for spot platinum and noticed something very different.


It looks like gold is really hitting against some long term resistance meanwhile platinum is channeling upwards from a large drop last year.  With this in mind I could see ELR as a longer term platinum play instead of my original plan to quickly trade this for quick money.  What are your thoughts?  I’m no professional in technical analysis so I really would value your opinion.

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Yesterday’s Picks:
ELR.TO – $0.65 – $0.67 (+3.08%)
SSS.V – $0.11 – $0.145 (+31.82%)

Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2)
TSX: CAZ.T - Open $0.14 – Close $0.22 (+57.14%)
TSXV: NGE.V – Open $0.05 – Close $0.15 (+172.73%)

What I’ll be watching tomorrow:
ELR.T – $0.65 – Still has great volume.  Let’s go again tomorrow.
CGK.V – $0.065 – Yes, it’s a gold stock, but closed another private placement.  Excerpt from a news release on the end quarter results “…management is evaluating a number of opportunities, which include a merger, joint venture, equity and other financing mechanisms.” (source) It seems like they should be able to secure all financing needed to restart the mining operations.

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