As with any moves in the stock market people have different views of where things are going.  Here’s a chart from  It shows that resistance but breaking through resistance could move the price as high as 1300.  Personally I’m not sure if another 30% appreciation is possible but that remains to be seen.

So here are a few picks that I’ve already mentioned on the site that are gold related.
UW.V – Underworld Resources
NGG.V – New Guinea Gold
HGC.V – Hawthorne Gold Corp
SSL.V – Sandstorm Resource
PRZ.V – Prize Mining Corp
CGK.V – Gold Hawk Resources

There is an interesting piece from the site about Asian investors (source):

To say this metal is volatile is an understatement. Since the start of 2008, the price of gold has swung between $1000 and around $700 (it’s currently at $965). This is a safe haven? When the stock market does this, it’s on the front page.

And while U.S. and other Western investors are jumping aboard the golden caravan, many in Asia — who rode it all the way from $260 an ounce — are quietly disembarking. The World Gold Council, an industry body, reports that Asian investors were actually net sellers during the first quarter, while westerners bought heavily and sent prices soaring.

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