Not as much of a pullback as I expected.  Things were pretty flat today.

Yesterday’s Picks:
CGK.V – Open $0.065 – Close $0.07 (+7.69%)
PRZ.V – Open $0.08 – Close $0.075 (-6.25%)

Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2)
TSX: MTI.T - Open $0.15 – Close $0.21 (+40%)
TSXV: SSS.V – Open $0.09 – Close $0.12 (+33.3%)

What I’ll be watching tomorrow:
UW.V – $1.43 – Stock fell today.  Announced placement of $14million (source).
SSL.V – $0.475 – Yeah they were pimped on BNN today so be careful of your entry point, but I still am a precious metal bull.  So my two picks are previous picks.  It’ll be interesting to see what the market thinks tomorrow.

I find all this endlessly amusing.  If you do too drop a comment or subscribe to my RSS feed where I’ll bring more picks to you everyday.

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