Yes believe it or not this is a blog about penny stocks that is not trying to be another pump and dump promotion site.  There’s a real person behind this blog, me.  I don’t receive any money for discussing any stocks on here and if at any point in the future I do, I would certainly disclose that.

There are some ads on the site to help out with the hosting costs, but I’m interested in picking stocks, being accountable and making money through trading penny stocks.

Are all my picks for the long term?
No.  None of them, in fact.  Most penny stocks are either bought up or out of business within a few years so if you’re planning for retirement you shouldn’t be investing in penny stocks.  They are extremely risky and are only meant for trading either short term (intraday) to medium term (months).

How do you find stocks?
At this point in time, I’m going to hold on to that info.  There’s an information product in the works that will be offered on this site at some point in the future that’ll talk more about that.  Daily stocks will always be featured here, based on my screening criteria, and you’ll never have to pay for that.

Do I own all my picks?
No..but, this is a somewhat difficult question to answer since I can be trading stocks and may only own a stock for a morning, day or week.  If this were a long term financial planning blog I would be more inclined to disclose my positions since I would be likely to own the stock when this information gets to you.  At this point in time I’m not going to disclose my positions.

I don’t own all stocks mentioned as sometimes I can’t find a good entry point or volumes are too thin for my limit orders to be filled.

Should you buy the stocks I mention?
No.  You could look at these stocks as starting points of research for your own investing.  I in no way take responsibility for the loss of your investment.  Do your own due diligence and consult investing professionals before investing.  I am not an investment professional. This is meant for informational purposes only.  You assume all responsibility for your actions.  Assume that this is not a trustworthy site until you conduct independent research on the stocks featured here.  There’s also a disclaimer that talks more about this.  Bottom line, penny stocks are risky.  Really risky.  You can make a lot and you can lose it all.  Caveat emptor.