The Bulls had a big run today with big run ups in commodity stocks.  The news of GM’s bankruptcy didn’t really affect the overall markets.  I’m expecting a pullback tomorrow from simple profit taking after such a large run up.  But as someone said, “traders have to trade” and I’ll have a few stocks for you took look at

Yesterday’s Picks:
PRZ.V – Open $0.065 – Close $0.08 (+23%)
AZA.V – Open $0.065 – Close $0.06 (-7.69%)
My first down pick on this blog.  But still 15% gain overall on today’s picks, so it’s still far greater reward than any index fund.

Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2)
TSX: EF.T - Open $0.025 – Close $0.04 (+75%)
TSXV: LTX.V – Open $0.05 – Close $0.055 (+57%)

What I’ll be watching tomorrow:
CGK.V – $0.065 – Might be a longer term hold (months), but they should be releasing news this month.
PRZ.V – $0.08 – Prize Mining is being looked at again.  They’re expecting to receive production permit this month (source).

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